About us

Chef Larry Fournillier is dedicated to “Flavoring the World One Pot At A Time™.”  Upon returning to his island home of Trinidad, Larry found he could explore the world through his computer keyboard and decided to ‘virtually’ pursue his love of food and cooking.  Thus began his journey of gathering friends and followers throughout the world.  As a trained computer science specialist, Larry was an early adopter of Google+, and he’s always experimenting with different Google tools and strategies for engaging his followers. Larry has generated in excess of 1.5 million followers over the past several years by sharing enticing photos, recipes and reviews.

Larry is also a talented storyteller, and regularly features fun food experiences with chefs and food lovers of many different cuisines. His most recent endeavors are the creation of Collections that defined both his gustatory tastes as well as his great enjoyment of Jimi Hendrix.

Being a skilled social engager as well as a lover of Thai food, Larry found himself reaching out to many of his friends in Thailand to gather inside glimpses of cooking techniques and ingredients.  Becoming increasingly intrigued by what he learned about Thai food, its culture and people, the 10th Parallel North Project was conceived.  Naturally, Chef Larry gathered up a collection of his friends to add tasty and tantalizing flavor to this pot!!

Trinidad & Tobago

The 10th Parallel North Project is all about the people of Thailand and Trinidad & Tobago, each located 10 degrees north of the Earth’s Equatorial plane, the food they eat and the way they live their lives.  We introduce, and compare the contrasts of the people, food and cultures of Trinidad & Tobago and Thailand and explore the Chinese and East Indian influences on their cuisines.  The 10th Parallel North Project will explore from Sob Pong (Pang Ma Pha) in the North, to Songkhla in the South, sharing the dishes and the stories of the people who keep their rich traditions alive.


Create content that embodies the unique and rich culture of the Kingdom of Thailand, its people and its food.  Through conversations, cooking and exploring we engage travel and food lovers around the globe by providing entertaining experiences representing our sponsor’s missions and goals.


Through the efforts of the 10th Parallel North Project, we will have effectively increased the interest, appreciation and engagement with the Food, People and Culture of Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago with our rich photo and video content, our meaningful storytelling posts and our engagement with the Thai people as we visit the 14 handpicked communities in Thailand.


Utilizing our inherent individual skills under Larry Fournillier’s direction, we will be gathering original photographs, video footage, recipes, raw ingredients, personal interactions and insights. These will be shared through our full complement of social media platforms with the intent of our followers gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of the rich people, food and culture of Thailand and Trinidad& Tobago.


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