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The 10th Parallel North Project is all about the people of Thailand and Trinidad & Tobago, each located 10 degrees north of the Earth’s Equatorial plane, the food they eat and the way they live their lives.


Join us in Bangkok to explore the heritage, culture and cuisine of Thailand. The 10th Parallel North will come alive as all five senses engage on this eight-night journey of a lifetime. Shop the teeming markets by day and night, prepare and share delicious meals, and meet locals and expats who will share their love of Thai cuisine with you. Visit ancient temples and palaces, spend a day tending elephants at a sanctuary, and experience the magic of the Damnoen Saduak floating market. Experience both the ancient and the modern in the City of Angels, Bangkok.


The 10th Parallel North Project is designed for both you and your foodie/travel friends to virtually be a part of the Tour!  In the lead-up up to the Team assembling in Sob Pong (Pang Ma Pha) in January, we’ll be inviting you to submit questions, ideas, recipes, etc. The Team will respond to all feedback, and even incorporate some of your ideas into their plans. During the tour, we are planning a variety of activities such as cook-off’s and quizzes – some with very unique prizes – to encourage global participation in the tour.

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The Courageous Kitchen is a food focused charity that nurtures future leaders through skills training and a food distribution program. Our motto is “Leaders in the Kitchen are Leaders in the Community”…and we believe it!

A registered 501(c)3 charity in the US, the organization does outreach in a poor community in Bangkok, Thailand, where it’s not uncommon for people to scavenge for food. Our team is changing how the community approaches food and cooking. We use the fast paced nature of kitchens to forge leaders and build strong teams among the community’s youth.

The kitchen is a hands-on classroom, and our kitchen education includes basic cooking, food safety, and nutrition advice for disadvantaged youth. We also provide support for students to learn other invaluable skills, such as English and Math.


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  • Participate in an advisory capacity on selected tour questions.

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If you lived in Trinidad and Tobago instead of Thailand, you would:


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